Complaint Filing

Welcome to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office Complaint Form

Please use this from to submit complaints to the Sheriff. Your complaint will be investigated and a reply will be provided to you (if you request one) as soon as possible. **Please note that providing false or intentionally misleading information via this form is unlawful and may lead to criminal investigation. If you would like to speak to a supervisor please call (434) 542-5141 and request to speak to the on duty supervisor. The supervisor can assist you with filling the form out, or assist you with any thing else you require.


    Name of Complainant (Optional)

    Date of Incident

    Time of Incident

    Report Number

    Please provide the report number of the case if you have one.


    Please be as specific as possible. This will allow the Sheriff's Staff to conduct a thorough investigation. If you would like for us to contact you back please provide us with your contact information.