School Resource Officer

The Elementary School SRO Program was added in February of 2013 to the existing program of School Resource Officers. At this time there is one full time deputy serving as elementary education SRO for the counties three elementary Schools, one full time deputy serving the middle school and one full time deputy serving the high school. Sheriff Jones has future hopes of possibly adding a full time elementary SRO to each of the three elementary schools as funding becomes available. This programs intention is to provide armed physical on site security and safety to the counties elementary, middle and high schools. The goal of this program is to foster positive interactions between students, parents and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office by being a positive and supportive resource for the citizens of the county to call upon.

Duties of the SRO:

Provide Security/Deter Crime/Maintain General Order during school hours & after school events

    Provide Emergency First Aide/Medical assistance

    Investigate Complaints that occur with students In/Outside of schools

    Interact/teach/mentor/counsel students

    Provide a Positive Role Model

    Community Involvement

    Assist with Daily Activities of the School

    Interaction with Law Enforcement (SRO) at early age helps fight the Negative stigmas that some children are taught/learn/or have about Law Enforcement.

Charlotte County’s three Elementary Schools

Eureka Elementary K-5  located to the west of the Town of Keysville just off of Hwy 40

(408 students in 2014)

Bacon District Elementary K-5 located in the Wylliesburg  area of the county to the North of Hwy 360

(202 students in 2014)

Phenix Elementary K-5 located in the town of Phenix on Hwy 727